Data Privacy User Email

I have an invite program built where a user can invite people to a project. I have a project thing that contains a list of invitees. The invitee thing is basically email address and type. I want to allow the invitee to see the project name and I’m trying to build a privacy rule but user email is not available. Also, can’t get any specifics on the invitee from teh project either.

I’d like my privacy rule to be something like this project’s invitee’s email contains current user’s email

But neither the invitee’s email nor the user’s email is available. Any other suggestions on building a privacy rule for this scenario would be greatly appreciated.

Did you ever resolve this?

Interested in best way to keep emails secure, maybe I’m just misunderstanding how privacy rules work

The only work around that I have found till now is to create another email field and add the same value of email to this field while signing up.