Standard Bubble Odd Behaviour. Saving then instantly deleting data


Got one of those spent 3 hours, hair tearing, bubble anomalies.

Il set the stage quick. I am simply saving the duration of a plugin to a database field. That’s it.

It saves it 100% fine, It shows me the value and then decides “Nope, let’s delete that actually”. (You’ll see it disappear in the video on the left)

To start the troubleshooting, I checked privacy as that’s the usual culprit. Not that. I then added a state to the group which holds this same data. It holds that fine, you will see that in the short video on the right not disappearing. So the data remains in the state fine. I tried saving that state to the database, same issue… now that is what got me tearing the hair out.

I have checked to see if there is any strange workflow I setup that overwrites or conflicts. Nope. I tried adding a new field and saving to that. Same behaviour. Other data saves absolutely fine. Things, Text etc. This number just doesn’t want to remain in the DB at any costs. Logs show no errors.

I have been bubbling for over 2 years and have built complex workflows. This is 101 saving to a db and it’s not having it. Has anyone else experienced this? Cant seem to find another experience on the forum.

Saw this with a fellow Bubbler last week. Same issues, saving then immediately deleting. Bubble was looking into the issue.


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Thank you for responding Eli. My sanity survives another day. I will check in with support.

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Ouch! Appreciate the heads-up on this! :worried:

I had an issue a while back with data such as texts getting saved and then deleted. It was part of a workflow set up to save a list of things. I documented it through video, could see clearly the number of items in the list count going up and down and very much inconsistent behavior on it.

Never did get that worked out.

Im glad I am not alone. I tried a couple of workarounds such as sending the data to an API workflow but this also fails. Interestingly I can see that the workflow in the log says Missing: Null for the value being sent even though I can literally see the value on the page (saved to a state). My hunch is there is just a plain ole bug that is causing a block and il need the support team on this one.

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