Data Request From Education Focused Bubblers

I’m getting ready to launch a new free education app for helping with student literacy. I’m in need of some basic registration data.

Does anyone have a CSV they could export of all school districts or schools in the US? I just need the state and district name. Any other data is a bonus.

Thank you in advance!

Try this maybe:

You should be able to download as a spreadsheet and then convert it to CSV.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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I’m checking it out right now!

That was an excellent source! Does it by any chance have a school district option? I couldn’t find it.

Actually for those of you who look at this later, you can pull the districts by state, using the tool below.

I saw that it said district ID. Would that be what you are looking for?

Glad you found something that works. This source has a lot of data and information that many might find useful.

That’s how I found the link above. :blush:

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