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Hello all.. new to Bubble, barely fizzing yet

Hi. This is Jay in Boston.
I am old school, older than dirt guy who worked in DOS, DataFlex, C , etc., in years long ago. I recently took on a project that I really want and need to do in a top notch, skilled, and modern fashion.
I spent a full work week seeking out and chasing down various methods to achieve this goal and by what must have been divine intervention, came across Bubble. Please forgive my ignorance beyond this point for my current lack of knowledge of modern development theory and the only skill I have to offer apparently is that I am a quick study.
I volunteered to help bring digital data organization to a high school Arts Center, namely Theater and associated vocational training.
After hours of trying to make sense of the overall project requirements and expectations, mapping out steps on a grease board, I have a general idea of a needs analysis.
From what I learned in my search quest, you have the best, most suitable, learnable and in turn teachable product with the features I need in order to bring relief to the teaching staff so they can spend time with enthusiastic students who are surrounded by the best state of the art equipment and facilities.
If I can absorb your system with all available features and produce a working solution, I am very confident that I can replicate the working system and take it wherever other theater students and staff have a need.
Looking forward, I can see an enterprise deployment solution that has long been missing in the teaching structure of the arts and make it a marketable set of integrated application tools.
Please allow me to indulge the experience of other users of Bubble and in return, I will sing your praises at all the national festivals and local school districts.
I feel there is incredible potential in the concept I have spent hours putting together. Once I am up and running, I can see the result as a rich data repository comprised of what I have, for the lack of a better term, “Instructables” that will collect exchange, and disseminate a constant fluid data stream that can offer commercial value to each version of end-user.
For this “beta” school, I will need to add 100 student user and 5 administrator and 2 developer tiers controlled by access privileges.
Imagine a working, branded tool set that would EASILY sell itself thousands of times as a package. The “Instructables” need to run independently, as well as interactively with each other, and as a group, satisfy a module, and modules into completed blocks, etc.
In order to bring the concept to life, I want to design and program simple logical completion sets (appx 100 “Instructables”) that will, in the end, both teach student skill sets, satisfy educators Rubric requirement, and automation that will free up teaching /learning time will sell itself with its simplicity when I present it.
I have all the connectivity figured out and reduced to everything from a post-it note, legal pads, and grease board pics.

Before I begin, I am asking anyone who will contribute to response if I can accomplish this with Bubble. Learning, designing, programming and ultimately building a solid product is a lofty goal for me, yet seems doable with Bubble. I need to create all the web apps responsive to user id’s that eventually can be renewable on a monthly basis in order to support the end result. Can I build on Bubble and deploy and enterprise size and scope product? I want to be able to purchase whatever rights are necessary and in turn resell my creation. I need to protect my work, be able to house it securely online, and update revisions and customizations for individual schools upon request. This is day 1 and ready to move from concept to creation. Can I do all this with Bubble? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. My thanks. J in Boston.

Sounds exciting and per se, something that could be done in Bubble.

But what might be useful is a functionality laundry list if you will - then we can go through and tell you what’s possible.


Hi Andrew, I mistakenly tried to reply via gmail as opposed to the the forum. Tks for feedback. I will extract from my mad professor approach of zillions of scribbles and upload. Tks again. I :slight_smile:

I have many what are most likely rudimentary questions. The training and tutorial materials are numerous and I have to discipline myself to that of “the old days” to get into the excited student mode of anxious learning and application of that absorbed. I am getting there. Can I send you some specifics about the concept in addition to the functionality laundry list? I really appreciate any help and will endeavor not to be redundant.

Post your ideas here… people are very helpful on this forum.