Help people that create educational Bubble content: Tell us what you want to learn next

Seeing a ton of new Bubble resources pop up over the last couple years has been amazing. Proof that people want to learn no-code dev and are willing to go out of their way (and sometimes pay money) to do so. Online courses, 1-on-1 coaching, Forum support, Udemy, YouTube etc, these are all great channels to learn from.

That said, I believe there are a lot of missing gaps in the Bubble education marketplace. Not a bad thing, just noticing it and saying there is room for improvement. Let’s all help people like @fayewatson @levon @copilot @romanmg @brentsum @gregjohnkeegan (just to name a few) by telling them what we want to learn next. I am hoping to turn this thread into an idea center for Bubble content creators. A place for: 1) people trying to learn specific topics to explain what they are wanting to build, where they are having the most difficulty, what price point they would pay for the knowledge (none of this is required obviously), and 2) content creators seeking insights from future learners and discovering topics to create content around.

Data privacy topics are sorely lacking in particular, just to use as an example. I’m currently designing a course for this, but could benefit from some insights as far as use-cases and specific examples of problems you may be encountering. I can come up with a long list of ideas on my own just like anyone else, definitely, but I am trying to provide content of value to people wanting to learn. The more community feedback given to me and others will only improve the speed and quality of the education being delivered. :slight_smile:

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I find that some of the most valuable learning can be found in the foundational pieces that go into pre- development. Bubble makes it very easy to create something quick- so sometimes, steps are not taken that would be highly valuable as something is built out. SOmetimes, it is due to lack of resources- other due to the fact that many do not know the mindset needed to be successful.

Some ideas, as I have taken courses from a few of those listed in your original post, (and they have been highly valuable!!)

  1. Structuring data effectively: Taking a look at not only the bubble side, but also how to frame what you are trying to accomplish so that you can take a look at the data structures prior to beginning. Understanding you cannot touch on every use case, there are quite a few things that can be learned prior to getting feet wet in bubble that will make the process quicker and more stable.

  2. Using States: Currently, I am trying to get my head wrapped around the idea of states and conditionals… when to use them, when to not, and how to effectively assess the difference between the two.

  3. Integration of “complex” UI/UX functioning: Things like complex sorting, hierarchical structuring and selection, and mimicking common software interface/functionality that can be integrated into bubble apps (Folder structure/systems for example) These are high value abilities from a business perspective- as they are things that customers are used to seeing and if done well can be a huge value to an application coming out into the land of MVP.

  4. Roles/Permissions/Privacy- a big issue, especially for SaaS applications- being able to effectively architect these systems from the start will add piece of mind and credibility to anyone trying to get something out the door in a hurry.

  5. Individual Function Lessons: Grouping together some base level functioning components while providing a real value add to the consumer. Things like “Creating a Dashboard” that has all of the major components to a dashboard and the best practices surrounding dashboard creation or something like INtegrating Calendar functionality- with a deep dive into everything from appointment setting, adding collaborators, etc. Anything that you see standard in web applicaions today would be of value.

…and I am sure that there are more…

The last thing I will say is that in creating these resources, you should include the final file as a template to the consumer. Upcharge if you want, but Bubble being built as a DIY system most likely has a large consumer base that wants to know how to do something as well as have it done for replication. Even if you were to take one of the ideas above and charge a base tier for the lessons and then a higher tier for the lessons with the Full functioning template that can be integrated, and then an even higher tier for both plus a half hour of coaching or an hour of coaching- make it worth your time while also bringing a lot of value to the community.

Looking forward to hearing other perspectives :slight_smile:


Great thread @philip and you’re right, it’s better to ask the community what they need instead of creating content we think they need.

I’m currently building a side hustle that taps into the blockchain ecosystem. If there is a hunger for this, I could turn it into a tutorial.

Also to note, I’m doing some startup coaching and relaying my experience from building a profitable startup, doing accelerators and raising money. Would love to see more Bubble founders go this route.


Absolutely. I can’t find anything out there that covers this. It’s pretty foundational for most SaaS apps to be able to handle teams of users under company umbrellas. Aside from the recommendation to set up subapps (which sounds like overkill in many situations), the best info I can find merely mentions using data permissions and on-page logic…