Data saving issue

Hi guys!

I am new in but I am right focus to prepare interesting tool/application for small company.

Its simply an application to order items (flowers) for customers/employees. They choose what they want (from a prepared list which sometimes changes) and then starts the “samarise” step to merge orders into one sum order. This sum order contains grouped data from all users.

Main goals and workaround:

  1. I have a list of items - offer from which they order
  2. Each user chooses amounts of some items, and adds some notes
  3. Order is saved
  4. Summarize step merge all ordered items with summed amount for each item

Now I am stuck on step 3. I cannot figure out how to save ordered items with filled amounts and notes for each user.
I have read about statuses, lists, slugs and other bubble features, but I cannot imagine how to make it done.

I am attaching a structure of datatype item and screen of UI.

Every advice or idea is strongly welcome, I am ready to complete additional information.

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