Data Search Constraints In Focus Group

I have created a custom drop down as per the Buildcamp demo here.

My use case is slightly different in that my users will select a drop down of Accounts which they hold… its working well, but showing the entire lists worth of Accounts rather than the Accounts held under the current users Accounts (list type) to choose from. What do I need to change?

I’m using dynamic text in the repeating group “Current cell’s Team’s Account Name”… I think I need to add a constraint somewhere to link to the user only.

Any help appreciated please!


Hi there, @mellis… what is the data source of the repeating group? It sounds like it needs to be Current User's Accounts. If that’s not what it is, try changing it to that and see if you get the desired result.

It also sounds like you could add a privacy rule on the Account data type that is something like when Current User's Accounts contains This Account, allow the account to be found in searches and allow its fields to be viewed.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply.

I am getting an error (showing red) in Data Source when I select Current User’s Account it wants me to continue choosing from a new list including :count, contains, doesn’t contain, :first item etc.

Screenshots would help. What is the type of content of the repeating group?

Well in retracing my steps to share them with you I have identified the problem.

There was a repeating group within the group focus which I hadn’t drilled down in to, to set the data type.

Thanks for your help, not sure I’d have got to the answer without your engagement.

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