Can someone help explain where this logic is wrong?

Can anyone explain this to me and how I am misinterpreting the logic?

I have a repeating group. The type of content is text, and the data source is: Search for users, each item’s name.

The dynamic text in the repeating group is set to current cell’s text.

In my database i have multiple users all with their own names as shown.

I expect the repeating list to show each user’s name, because I expect the data source to be, in plain language, “Search for all users, each user’s name.”

But, as shown it only shows the name of one user, as if the search for users is only returning one user instead of all the users in the database. Moreover what makes it more confusing is it only shows the name of the current user. If there is no logged in user it shows nothing, which makes it seem as if search for users is really just searching for current user.

Can anyone explain this to me and how I am misinterpreting the logic?

The actual use case I am trying to accomplish is having a repeating group show a list of posts that is filtered by the user’s location. in which case i had the data type as "post" and the data source as “search for users (with a constraint of “address is within x miles of x”), each items post.” However i get the same results as the example above, with the list only showing the posts of the current user instead of all the users.

Hi there,… the issue you have described about only one user showing up is likely related to the default privacy rule of This User is Current User on the User data type. If you remove that privacy rule (or better yet, put a rule(s) in place that meets the needs of your app), you should see all of your users show up.


That was it!! Thank a million!

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