Data send on "change to page" workflow issue

Workflow data send

Hi I’m having some issuer sending data when I change page (go to page navigation work flow element)
I try to set the custom state to the header that is used to display different objects on the new loaded page based on the button the is pressed.
this are the steps:
set up the state to be sent
go to page with send data required

When I use step by step in the debug mode I can see it being transferred however the result is not as intended the intended element is not visible, the custom state remains the default value.
After the work flow is executed in the inspector view the value of custom state that needs to be changed is reverted to the default one.

Anyone have any idea how to solve this issue?
Thank you very much

OK I fixed this by using URL parameter
on the go to page define parameter (key value) that will be used to setup the state of the object that trigger the action when page changes.

hope this helps someone else

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