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Data sorted into different repeating groups

Hi everyone!

I’m new to bubble! Trying to work out if its suited to us (so far its been fantastic!)
I’ve been trying to get the following situation to work but can’t seem to get it going.

Basically I’m trying to build a system we can add jobs into and then see where that job is located and some other details.

At the moment the user ‘adds a job’ in a popup, as shown here

Once completed I have 3 separate repeating groups that should show their respective jobs (Victoria should show all VIC jobs only, New South Wales should show all NSW jobs only, etc.) as shown here.

Each repeating group needs to be sorted or filtered to show just its respective state.

I’m hoping this can be done based on the Start Location (I have made the last column in each repeating group display the state (VIC/NSW/QLD) of the Start Location (Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane).

Thanks so much for your help! Let me know if I need to clear anything up :slight_smile:

In the repeating group’s data source, do “Do a search for”, then in Type select Jobs. Then click “add a constraint”, then put “state” (or whatever) and = and type in the state name.


Thanks for that!

However no matter what I try and add a constraint for (i.e. state/location/name) the only options I get are

  • Contains
  • Doesn’t Contain
  • Is empty
  • Isn’t empty

I can’t seem to force it to = a value.
I tried to say ‘contains’ and then ‘state name’ but that doesn’t seem to work either.

Could it have something to do with the field type of the state?

I’m not sure what the architecture of your app looks like. Do you have a states “thing”? Or is “states” just a field in your “jobs” thing?

Either way, make sure the repeating group “type of content” is set to the correct thing, then in data source, you’re “doing a search for” the same thing, and then the “type” in there is the type of thing.

That looks to be where the problem is!

States is not a field in my ‘jobs’ thing, it is a separate field in another thing (‘locations’).

So I am currently sorting for ‘jobs’ in order for the repeating group to show all of the jobs, is there any way I can have a secondary filter to then say “sort for a different thing” which would then be ‘locations’?

Not that i know of.

Have you tried adding a field to your jobs thing and setting the type to “locations or states”?
(instead of yes/no, text, email, etc. the fields can be another Thing)

Yes I have, I’ve made a little progress though.

I created a field in the jobs ‘thing’ and set its type to ‘location’ and then kept the ‘multiple entries’ box unticked, which allows me to have ‘locationstate = [value]’

However, the = [value] cannot be manually typed in (has to be chosen from a list of things, shown below).

Is there a setting/preference that I might have to change to be able to manually type? (I’ve been able to type before, but not sure what the situation was that allowed me to)

I’d like to just say how much I appreciate you taking the time to help! :smile:

No problem. I can probably help you a lot quicker if you want to make your app public, but i understand if you dont.

I tried to figure this out on the forum app, and it looks like i got it. There is one issue, when searching for “any field contains” for New south wales, searching “new south wales”, “new”, “south”, or “wales” gives zero results. @emmanuel can you weigh in on this? is that a feature or a bug?

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I did it just for “Some State” and it works. Don’t know why not with New South Wales

According to the settings the app is already public :smile: I made the app during the trial period (originally private) and I’m guessing now that trial is over its been switched to public.

Not 100% sure how to share it, but here is the link to the design page


The main page is the ‘allocations’ one, and the linked pages are ‘locations’ and ‘trucks’. The other pages aren’t involved in this just yet.

allocationstate is set to be a Location. That is why you can’t type in a value, it is looking for a location object not a tex.

So I think you will have to do a “:filtered” and check against the locationstate.

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I can’t thank you all enough for helping me out!

That’s solved it Nigel, I am so glad it works! Hopefully now I can get approval to pursue using Bubble :smile:

Thanks again!

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Hey Nigel,

I’m kind of curious about this, and i couldn’t seem to get your example to work in the forum app (link above).
Can you implement it there so i can poke through it?



I think the page there has been updated considerably since luke put it up.