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Repeating group not displaying search results

Hi, complete newbie here needing help please.

I’m currently attempting to follow a Udemy course and I’m stuck on having the repeating group display the details of the small test data. Error message states “data source cannot be itself”.
I’m sure it’s something simple but like I said, I’m a complete newbie. Thanks.

Can you post a link to your editor? It’s a lot easier for the community to help if we can poke around and see what you were doing. Thanks!

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Yeah, I thought I did but here it is again:

Ah, I see what you did. In the Repeating Group, you need to specify a data source. The way you currently have it set up, the Repeating Group is using itself as the Data source. This would be like saying you are going to put a bucket inside of itself. What you want to do is put something else (the data) in the bucket. That’s on a conceptual level, but on a practical level, I made the change for you.

When you click the Repeating Group, there’s an option for Data Source. What you are trying to do is populate the group with all the restaurants, so the way you can do that in Bubble is by using the “do a search for…” functionality. Then, you simply specify “Restaurant” and it’ll populate. Let me know if you have any questions about this!

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Awesome! Thanks dude. Really appreciate that. :relaxed:

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