Data sources for grids/tables in Bubble?

Looking to build a table, with data that I update daily. it will have several text and number fields. Ideally I want the user to be able to sort / filter it but not modify or delete anything.

My questions are

1: How do you get the data into bubble ?
2. How do you display it in a table ?
3. How do you make the table sortable / filterable ?
5. How do you update the table?
6. Is there a way to bring in the data that goes into the tables from an external sources, who and how ?

PS: Anyone seend a tutorial video / blog post about this ?


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You should have a look at the customizable table grid plugin from @Thimo. This plugin is amazing, really fast, and data are fiterable / sortable very easily. Moreover, Thimo, the plugin author, provides an excellent level of support, very responsive and supportive. Great plugin to ease your data manipulation!

Here is the link for more info : [New plugin] Fully Customizable Table / Grid

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