Data Structure to see what my users liked and what type of things they viewed and show what is trending

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I want be able to see what my users are viewing, what things they liked when they hit the like button and show my users similar things to the things they liked or viewed the most. At the same page also show what’s trending.

Ummmmm… what?

Sorry if I made it a bit confusing but i just wanted to know How do i create a page that shows the recommendation based on the user’s likes and also shows what’s trending.

For example if one of my users hits the like button on cat videos and spends most of his time watching cat videos. How do I show that user more cat videos since that is what he or she hit the like button for?

Is the content library something that you already have? Or are you wanting to do this with any video posted online?

Any video posted online.

I’d have to give that one some thought. It seems like it would be quite the science project.

If it were videos that your own users uploaded that would be a different story. Something like could be used. Any video online? Hmmmm. Not sure. I’ll ponder.

You’d need permission from the user to basically see everything they look at on the internet. Facebook got wrecked for doing this. I wouldn’t recommend pursuing this.

What @Nocodify said.

I am talking about something similar like the instagram explore page. Everything i will be looking at will be public information as it has already been posted. Based on the users likes and the amount of views a post has on my app will be shown as the most trending post. I simply want to see the amount of views certain posts have and what users like so i can show them more of the things that they liked.

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