Data structure when working with 'Default Items'

Hey everyone, looking for a bit of help with data structure as I can’t seem to get what’s need setup.

Here’s the scenario:
I have a DB of ‘properties’, ‘rooms’ and ‘items’.

In the ‘rooms’ database there is a yea/no field for ‘default room’. When a user creates a new
property, I need those default rooms to be added to it.

The same goes for ‘default items’ in those ‘default rooms’.

Right now, I’m able to add the ‘default rooms’ when a user creates a new property with the ‘addlist’ function.

Where I’m having trouble is also adding the ‘items’ at the same time to those rooms. Right now, all users can edit the same ‘item’ record.

How do I go about adding the ‘default rooms’ as individual, standalone rooms for each property added?

Knowing my experience so far, it’s probably something simply I’m overlooking :sweat:

Hi there, @adamgraff89… if I understand your post correctly, you would have to create a new thing in the room data type based off of each default room, and then you would add the newly-created things (rooms) to the newly-created property’s room’s field. Right now (as you said), you are adding the default rooms themselves to each property, so every user is editing the same record in the database when they edit a particular default room. To stop that from happening, each property needs to have its own list of default rooms (which would be records in the database tha are attached to only one property).

I hope all of that makes sense, and I hope it helps.


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Worked great! I have a follow up question that I posted here for reference: