How to make duplicate items in a list

I am really struggling with my logic on this app…

So I have a cleaning checklist app that will be used by cleaning businesses.

The checklist process is two steps. First they create a default checklist, then they run that default checklist on a continual basis(which I call the daily checklist).

They begin by creating a new default checklist and first add rooms to the checklist (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, bedroom)

They then add tasks to each room (i.e. kitchen → clean sink, bathroom → clean shower)

a) 1 table stores Users
b) 1 table stores Checklists
c) 1 table stores Rooms
d) 1 table stores Tasks

In this image you can see they can add a room at the top, then add tasks to each room.

Tasks are connected to rooms, which are connected to checklists, which are connected to users.

This process is used to create the users default checklist. They will run the checklist and check off the steps in the next part. But for now, this is just how they create a default checklist to be used every time they clean a house.

OK here’s where I run into trouble:

When the user arrives at a new home, they open the app and create a new daily checklist for the home. This creates a new Thing under a new table that stores all daily checklists that users will run.

The user needs the ability to edit rooms at the location.

For example, when they set up their default checklist, they didn’t know how many bedrooms or bathrooms the house will be. Maybe the kitchen doesn’t even need to be cleaned.

Do work around this, I added the rooms from the default checklist to the top of the daily checklist page. When they press the plus button, it adds the room to their checklist.

HOWEVER, I need the ability to add multiple rooms, like 4 bedrooms.

Unfortunately, I cannot store multiple duplicate rooms in the same list

Here is the data filled in

Does anyone know how I can adjust this to allow the user to add multiple bedrooms or bathrooms to each checklist?

I hope this kind of explained it, it’s just really hard to figure out how to communicate this.

And thank you sooo much for your help :slight_smile:

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Is there not an object in your database called a Room?

Make a new Room. Every Room is unique.

There is, but it’s a bit complicated. In the room database, I list all the different rooms that the user can add to their checklist. (Kitchen, bedroom, bathroom)

But now I need the user to add 1 kitchen, 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms.

These get placed into a “Room” column. BUT, the duplicate bedroom and bathrooms get removed…

Sounds like your Room object is actually acting more like a list of Room Types.

When you add a room to your checklist, you need to create a NEW room, not add an already existing one. Seems like you already have a Room Type field on your Room object so when your user adds a bedroom to the checklist, create a new Room of type bedroom. When they add a bathroom create a new Room of type bathroom. Etc, etc, etc

No duplicates needed and you can even name them descriptively. Master Bedroom, Guest Bath, Half Bath.