Adding data from one database to a list in another database

Hey folks!

I have a database of ‘default rooms’ in a house (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc). I also have a database called ‘houses’. I have a list field inside the ‘houses’ database called ‘rooms’.

When a user creates a new house, I want to automatically add all of the ‘default rooms’ to that list.

Is this possible without using an API. I’ve played around a lot but, honestly, I’m struggling to get it to work!

Thanks for any advice!

You can just use ‘Add List’ or ‘Set list’ when they create the new house.


Hi there, @adamgraff89… yup, what Adam said. Assuming your rooms field in the houses data type has a field type of default rooms, it would be as simple as this when you create a new thing in the house data type.



Thanks guys! Got it working. Bubble is simple and powerful… but not intuitive!

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So it seems with this method the User would not be able to add more rooms to the property in the future, is that correct?

You can add more items to a list field (one way is to use the add operator instead of add list or set list), so I’m not sure I understand your question. Why don’t you think users would be able to add more rooms? Maybe a better question is what exactly do you mean by adding more rooms?

user can also be able to add more rooms, just take that list and :plus_item on it.