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Data Types and Field Attached


I’m new to the community here!
I was trying out designing a web app and needed some help designing out the data structures.

I want to design a photo/article sharing app (lol i know it’s overrated, but primarily trying to learn here :slight_smile: ). The data types I am thinking are:

  1. User A
    • username
    • list of pictures uploaded by the user A
    • list of pictures user A is tagged in by his friends
    • List of friends you have added (not mutual-- they don’t have to add you back)
  2. Picture/Article
    • Original Uploader
    • People tagged it in

This is what I have so far and was wondering if some one can help to assess if I am on the right path. It’d be really helpful!


You’re doing it great. Every app is different, following each needs.

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Sounds good so far.

A good way to get feedback is either to build something in the forum app, or make the app public.

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