Tips to organize data (image)

Hello everyone !

I need help to organize my data and what is the best practice.

I have a datatype “item” which is a list of products I sell on my website. I have around 2,000 products (it’s a marketplace).

Each item has 4-6 images that are available for the user on the product page. Today, it’s a data field “itemImages” which is a Liste of files.

I would like to optimize it and from what I have read, it would be better if I create a data type “Image” and each image is a data which is related to an Item. So in other word a data type “image” with a data field “item”.

Does anyone have an opinion ?

Many thanks for your help !

What you’ve described, is what I do.
It might allow you to have more control over your images, maybe you can have a field for if that’s the main image for your product, or the status of the image. It’s URL. Alt text. Etc.

On my image records I have URLs for my thumbnails etc too.

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