Data Types Organizer - Grouping/Folders, sorting, etc

It would be a good opportunity to organize the Data Types view with folders/groups and also sort in the list.
Now I can’t separate my real data from “fake” (test data). Placing data types in folders or groups would fix this problem. I have to improvise - for this I created a fake Data Type (x-------------x) to separate. And in the test data types, I added the letter x so that they moved to the bottom of the list (this problem would be solved by the ability to sort the list).

Also sorting would solve the problem of vertical arrangement of data types in the order that I need. I can’t do that right now because the system sorts the titles alphabetically. I can, of course, add numbers at the beginning (for example, “1.Projects”, “2.Orders”, etc.), but this will not be entirely correct.

This idea is needed solely for the visualization and convenience of the application developer.

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