Sorting "List of ..." Fields in Order Items were Added

A simple hypothetical app has three Data Types with following Fields:

  1. User:
    a) Name
  2. Item
    a) Name
  3. Favorites List:
    a) Name
    b) List of Items

When viewing the Favorites List, I want to display in a Repeating group the List of Items that are in it, in order in which they were added to the list. This sorting is already done at the DB level. If you look at the App data, the order of items in “List of …” fields never changes.

Can that sorting be achieved in a Repeating Group without adding data types and extra fields?

I could make another data type called:

  1. Favorite
    a) Item

Then sort List of Favorites by date created and show the Favorite’s Item in the RG, but I’d like to avoid that if possible.

Any suggestions?

Well, my app’s behavior has changed to match what I described :smiley:

Is there a way to reverse the order of display?

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