Idea/Feature Request - Grouping Data Types in the editor

Our application has ~60 Data Types and that number is sure to grow with our roadmap.

It would be reallyyyyy nice to be able to group these Data Types in the editor, similar to how we can create folders for Workflows, Pages, etc. Just a thought! Feels like it would be a relatively simple change but as a dev I know that’s dangerous to say lol :slightly_smiling_face:

Would anyone else find this feature useful?


Yes, please add to ideaboard and share the link so we can upvote it.

In the meantime, you can think about just adding a prefix to the names of the datatypes to get them to sort alphabetically to the ‘grouping’ you’d like them to be in.

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Ah, I was looking for the idea board but couldn’t find it last night. Will repost this there now! Thanks.

Edit: not sure why this link isn’t working… it’s idea 1701792172766x768293167275704300


I agree that this would be useful, hopefully they will implement this soon.

Till then you could adopt a dataType naming convention that adds the category of the dataType as the first word, so they’re grouped together alphabetically.

I have quite a few dataTypes that deal with onboarding, so i just put ‘Onboard’ infront of their names. Works quite decently.

Link doesn’t take me to the ideaboard. :confused:

I can’t find OP’s submission on the ideaboard, but here is the same idea from early this year, and here is the associated forum post for that idea.

Thanks Mike!

Upvoted @nico.dicagno @boston85719 let’s get this older version of the idea upvoted :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lol oh no it’s only got 4 votes… I’m gonna guess 0 - 1% chance of being tackled. :joy: :upside_down_face:

Well at least there is some beginning of movement :smile:

better than my fresh idea with 1 vote (from me) haha

Inherent flaws of the idea board.

  • Not many users knows it exists.
  • Not easy to search. You can search but you have to guess other people’s keywords.
  • Is not interconnected to the forum (ie: idea submitted to idea board with automatic post created in forum with link to upvote)
  • Bubble doesn’t have capacity to ship as many ideas as they should

I wonder if Bubble could adjust resources away from AI designs team and prop up a team to tackle the idea board ideas - as that is what the community is asking for