Database and duplicate itens in database!

Hey Bubblers. I want to ask two things, maybe anyone in forum can help me.

  1. I connect to an ecommerce API and in it I get all the products and save them in my database, with that, each product has an ID and I save this ID in the database, because if not, I will always save duplicate products, tripled and so on and I don’t want that. Obviously, the person can click again on the button that integrates with the ecommerce platform to pull up new products, if they update the amount of products within the platform and want to keep everything synchronized with my system. The question I ask is this, before saving, how can I save only the products whose ID is not in the database? I couldn’t formulate the correct expression to do this, I thought about doing a “do a search for” but after that I get lost in the expression, could someone help me?

  2. Related to the first question, when I receive the items from the API, how do I make a single call, it takes the products and saves them all in a single line in the database, I would like to know if when I make the call, I can save each item in a different line, because the way it is currently, if I want to do some operation with a product, I can’t because there are other products on the same line in the database, I’ll leave a print as an example, anything comment that I provide more information!

(In the print you can see that each product, SKU and ID are saved in the same line, I would like to save one in each line so I can handle each product separately later)

Thanks a lot guys!

Try achieving this by running a backend workflow. Run as a loop. For every new record found, should get added to the database. Condition will be " Only when current cells record does not contain **** ".
DM me on if you need further help on this.