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Iterating through a list, but where the list contains duplicates... HELP!

I’m using Shopify’s API and am working towards a little custom app for a shop I work with.

We want to match SKUs and Product Titles.

I’ve used a collection call, where I grab all the products from a collection and store this data inside a list. It stored inside a record called ‘Product Collection’ which has several tables with additional information (all stored as a list: skus, titles, unique product #, unique image #, etc).

Sometimes these products have the same title.

Now, when I want to pair these with an SKU, I iterate through a scheduled API. I want to create unique items, stored in ‘Individual Products’, where upon initializing through the workflows, it would iterate through the lists and dump the aforesaid elements inside one record. Rinse and repeat.

All goes well and according to plan until it reaches the first duplicate title, in which case it deletes itself.

Best way to get around the duplicate?

I ran into this issue over the weekend. Here’s how I tackled it: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

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Awesome! Thanks so much for this response! :slight_smile:

If I need any other help I’ll be sure to ping you!

@cameron1 I have 20 minutes free right now if you want to hop on a quick Zoom call and run through it

Ah – didn’t see this until now. I’d love to!

Shoot me a PM and we’ll get something organized

Hey – I’ve been diligently working on the issue and was able to get it fixed!

You provided a great deal of help, thanks!

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