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Database configuration for tax forms

Hello database experts,

I really need some help in deigning the database structure since I have the following situation:

I have an app where I want to let the users fill their tax forms and save them into the database so that the user can fill the form and then check later.

As you know each tax form has loads of boxes to fill with information.

So my question is how to configure the database considering:

  • A user can have multiple tax forms.
  • Tax forms has the filling inputs, the company, the quarter, etc.

I think like creating a taxes database with all the tillable inputs in it, each line with properties, …

You can see I’m quite lost so any help will be appreciated.

Thanks a lot to all.

My bests.

Hey @NigelG or @johnny @JohnMark @romanmg the experts,

Can you tell anything or point me into the right direction?

Thanks a lot to all.

Look in the forum for posts by @cmarchan - he often has a helpful list of links to tutorials on how to design a Bubble database. and this post has a lot of helpful links in it.


Form > User is a one to many? So a Tax form is not for multiple users?

So I would be thinking…

Form which is the instance of a Form for a particular Form/User/Date etc
Form also has all the inputs (more of that later)
User has List of Forms

Questions… you probably want to avoid Question 1 … Answer 1…Question 2 … Answer 2 etc

So…something like a data type called “Answered Question” which is a data type with Question and Answer linked, and a list of them on Form.

So you would have …

User > List of Forms
Form > List of “Answered Questions”
Answered Questions > Link to Question & Answer
Question > Question Text

Then you can push out the Questions on a Repeating Group rather than as text boxes on the screen.

This has the added advantage that you can (in the future) have different “question sets” if anything changes.

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Kind of testing your way.

Thanks a lot @NigelG