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Setting up my databases + workflow


I’m a newbie here and having some trouble working on the right setup for a strategy tool.
To work out this strategy users will have to answer a lot of questions spread out in 5 topics (1 page for 1 topic). They will need access to their results (only their results). I also would like to have the values in a form dictate what question will come next. Let’s say for example that when you say you’re vegan, you wouldn’t like to be asked 10 questions about what kind of meat you eat :slight_smile:

My current idea is to create 5 databases (topic 1, topic 2, etc.) and have fields that correspond with the forms.
What would be the best way to set this up and how can I show or hide questions based on input given earlier.

I’d love to hear your insights!

  • Edit: Would it also be an option to put all the data in ‘user’ instead? There will be ca. 40 inputs.

@Tivano, welcome to Bubble!

There are many ways to set this up and they all have a different set of trade-offs. If you’re just getting started with Bubble, I’d recommend taking one of the Bubble courses that are available on udemy or code-free. I took one that showed how to build AirBnB on Bubble and it radically accelerated my learning curve.

You may also want to consider hiring a bubble consultant to coach you through some of the original set-up. They can help you make smart architecture decisions and also help you “code” the portions of that app that you get stuck on – and you can watch them code it so you improve your skills. @levon, @iamsalar, and @romanmg all seem to be great coaches from what I can tell.

As for the specific task at hand, it’s really hard to say what the right answer for your app is without knowing a whole lot more about it. That said, you may want to look at putting all of the questions in a single table. Include fields for: Question Label, Topic, Displayed Order. Of course, if you’re going to show multiple choice questions, then you’ll also need to store the answer choices (either in that same table, or perhaps another one). You’ll want a separate table to store the user’s answers for questions too. You probably don’t want that to be the user table which would require you to create a new field for each question. Instead, create a separate table and store: Question ID, User, Answer. It’s a bit more complicated than this if they can select multiple inputs though.

I hope this helps.


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@sridharan.s, thanks for your input. Since this is mainly a school project unfortunately there’s no budget for a coach. I just finished a Udemy course yesterday and it really helped me out on a lot of things.

I’m just stuck with 1 more thing. In my application users will be able to fill in company data and I created a database for this data. How can I then display this data on another page as some kind of validation?

I have tried the dynamic text with “current user’s - Company’s - Name” but it doesn’t show. What am I doing wrong?

Edit: Also tried “search for Company’s - Name” which isn’t working.

I’d be happy to look at your app if you can share a link to the editor. Hard for me to diagnose without seeing what’s going on.

Hey Scott,

I just made it work.
As it turned out I didn’t link the 2 databases together so that was the whole problem.

Thanks again for your input!

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