Generating a Completed Form Created by a Form Builder

Hello, new Bubble user (Bubbler?) here. I’ve built a form builder that lets the user create questions with choice of a few input types. These are currently short and long answers and a multi file upload, though I would like to add single and multiple choice later. Right now the form builder works; a new question is appended to the form and this form can be filled out. I have not yet worked out how the user will give it to someone to fill out but I am stuck on this thing first:

I need to generate a completed form as a single “report” for the user who created the form. The goal is to have an inbox with a list of completed forms. My tiny peanut brain is struggling to work out how to get the data from my “Question Blocks” to become “Answer Blocks”, and in a group that is collectively tied up in a package of data linked to the person who filled out the form.

As an example, right now I use Google Forms to build a form, send it to people, who fill it out. These forms are NOT generated as individual forms; they are all lumped together in the form’s responses and I have to click through several buttons to see them as individual responses that are paginated. The goal is to make an inbox of individual forms instead to save time and remain organized.

What kind of advice, lessons, or tutorials can I read into to learn how to convert or generate these completed forms? I can explain more about my current database set up and workflows if needed. I’ve been going off the things learned in the Trello Clone tutorial thus far and this is my first app.

I’m not sure I understand all of what you’re trying to build but I hope this is helpful.

I would read up on the concept of foreign keys and map out the “Object” or “table” relationships between the data you are modeling.

User Model
[foreign key] unique id
birthday, etc.
List of Answers []

Question Model
[foreign key] unique ID
Input type

[foreign key] unique ID
User ID
question ID

With this setup you can create admin views based on all responses with the given Question ID or view all a specific User’s answers.

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Thank you, I’ll look into this! I had been wondering if there was something I could do with the user IDs.

Unrelated, but since you’ve built a form builder, can you check this out: Saving Dynamic Form Data