Database import customers

Hey guys,

I see that bubble generates the unique ID.
So I’m thinking that I can create “X” number of businesses, empty ones.
Then I can download them as bulk inside a CSV and then after I add the businesses, I would like to import them into bubble’s DB.
How can I achieve that please?
It’s a pain to create each listing/business individually.


if I understand you correctly you want to import businesses into your DB without adding each manually via the APP Data Tab. If this is so, you don´t need to creat empty businesses and then import via CSV.

Simply do this:

  1. Do an export of your database. Delete all data from this CSV but leave the column headers as they are.
  2. Using the CSV that has the column headers from above, simply enter your new businesses information.
  3. Upload the CSV into your DB by using the Upload button in the App Data tab
  4. Be happy

One caveat is if your businesses, or the Thing that you´re trying to import has fields that are linked to other databases, for example a User, you can´t import this field via CSV. A work around I´ve done is create a new text field in your database and using User as example, call it UploadedUserName (or whatever). Then you fill this field in your CSV column and when you do your import operation (you´ll have to do this via an admin page, not direct upload via App Data), do a search for the UploadUserName and copy the User to your target DB.

Hope this helps


How could I miss the UPLOAD button, IDK :slight_smile:
Indeed, that’s the way to do it, I didn’t saw it so I was wondering how can I upload it. Thanks again!

happy to have helped :grinning:

Thanks, browsing again and again the Forum I - too - finaly found the way to upload CSV !

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