Import SQLite database in Bubble


has anyone experience with importing an SQLite Database into Bubble?


Probably simplest would be export to CSV first, then import that.

Thanks for the feedback! Trying it in this way right now… However, I am struggling with some formatting issues and at some point in time it would like to automate the upload…

You’d only automate if its going to happen more than once. What is the business logic there?

If you have regular small volumes (under 200 rows), could you look at converting to MySQL or MSSQL, then using the SQL connector to run queries?

Edit - even this is not great, would need to schedule API workflow just to create the new rows.

I think every way is messy.

Okay thanks for the feedback! The logic is, that at the beginning around 10000 rows are imported and later every day there are around 50 new rows to be added. I will look into the idea with MySQL or MSSQL… thanks!