Needed: A state of the art on DB setup & upload

Hi bubblers,

so I’m currently uploading a pretty simple DB for a pretty simple app (420 Businesses which belongs to around 100 cities). So it’s a relational db I’m currrently uploading via CSV…and it’s already quite challenging and time consuming.
My next app relies on a db with multiple relationships and a dataset that might be around 20k entries…I’m already having nightmares just thinking about the time making it work will require.

This is a problem commonly shared amongst beginners/intermediates we can find several times in the forum. Yet I haven’t been able to find a clear solution or even a guide of the steps to follow to make this a bit smoother.

Can experienced bubblers recommend us what’s the best way to upload relational database to Bubble and guide us on how to do it?
People talk about google sheets, blockspring, zapier, mySQL, etc. What’s the best choice to set up a db for Bubble?


Where did the DB come from? Is it already existing, or something you’re creating elsewhere and trying to import into Bubble?

I did some importing a while back and it was painful. I ended up just building a simple interface to add it all in manually, then bought some time on Mechanical Turk to have people add in all the entries. It sucked, but was way faster and easier than dealing with a massive import.

That may not be possible for your circumstance, but it worked for me.

Thanks for the quick reply.
AMT is actually what I have in mind considering the situation.

The DB comes from a lot of time spent online gathering data into google sheets.

Right now the ‘Validate Data’ process of my CSV upload is randomly stopping every 2 to 7 records. ‘Your dataset is ready to upload: 384 elements’…yeah but there are 421 in it. The upload doesn’t work.

Oh and I just paid $16 to mostly get access to CSV upload.

Kinda sounds like you’ll have to brute force it to get it to work, unless @emmanuel or @josh have a better alternative.

I’ll make it work for this one, but I don’t want this thread to end up as a specific problem solving.

basically what I want to know is if it’s actually possible, in a timely manner, to upload an existing DB via CSV (or any other mean) to Bubble. Because as I understand it so far: it doesn’t seems like it.