Database Initial Loading of Users Question

Hi all. I have a simple question. How long does it take to pull value from a database? I’m just wondering if maybe I’m on a higher paid plan it may be quicker. Currently to load current users name onto my page takes about 3 seconds. With boost is the same. I was just wondering if on a higher plan it is quicker? Or shall I use some sort of loading screen before I show my app? By the way once the current user is loaded displaying the data based on button clicks are almost instant. It is just the initial load of the data that seems to be slow. Thank you.

Same. It takes with me 2 seconds. I don’t why it doesn’t load before the user clicks on the page

Seems like I need to re structure and re think my app. I removed a couple of user field from the database and the initial load time becomes instant. I reduced my user data fields to 14 and it loads instantly.