Database Inputting Data


I’ve hit a bit of a wall in relation to inputting data relating to a workflow.

I have the following database structures:




An offer is linked to an original request and following a deal being agreed the deal is then inserted into the marketplace

I have a workflow which is to create a new thing “Marketplace” which then links to the current users offer database.

The creator of the original offer can then see the Marketplace deal in a dashboard.

What I am struggling with is getting Bubble to then input the Marketplace data into the Request database so that they are linked.

The request is an inter-related user but not the current user but they still need to be able to see the Marketplace deal that has been created by the Current User

Any advise would be welcome on this please.

The databases are all linked together I just can’t figure out if its a workflow that I’m not doing correctly.

Many Thanks


Just use ‘make changes to a thing’ to set the relevant fields on the connected things…

I tried that but for some reason its not inserting the ID of the Marketplace data type into the Marketplace field in the Request datatype

Just to expand I have a field Marketplace in the Request Data type.

I want to be able to pull the data into the dashboard of the inter-related user to manipulate and display some of the fields in the Marketplace data type.

I’ve uploaded screen grabs but still cant see where I’m going wrong.

Thanks for your help.

Database snippet

Maybe I’m missing something…? But from your screenshot it appears to be working correctly?… (unless the screenshot is of something else?)

What exactly is the problem?

The problem is that its not inputting the Marketplace data type into the Request database.

For the current user it works fine i.e. creates a Marketplace datatype and inserts into Marketplace database and also inserts into the marketplace field in Offer database.

My problem is it wont insert into the marketplace field in the Request database.


The current user is the owner of the Marketplace datatype and the Offer datatype - my main issue is that I need to include the inter-related user of the Request datatype.

Request and Offer are originally related at the the start of the process but when I try and link the new thing Martketplace datatype to the Original request is where I’m encountering a problem.

Could it be an issue with Privacy settings?

Could it be an issue with Privacy settings?

Yeah it sounds like a privacy rules issue to me…