Linking User Data

Hi All,

I’m trying to link user data within my app as per below:

Datatype 1: Offer

Datatype 2: Request

Datatype 3: User

What I am trying to do is link a users request that is posted to an offer that is received from a different user and display this is a dashboard

I have created the workflow to firstly create a request and then respond to the request and make an offer.

The issue I am encountering is displaying the offer information from the separate user in the dashboard.

Is there a specific workflow to link the two datatypes? A bit stuck at the minute and can’t see where I’m going wrong.

Any tips would be appreciated

Hi there, @deantsouthby… if you are just having trouble getting data to display, it never hurts to check your privacy rules to make sure you don’t have a rule in place that is getting in the way.

The above being said, what you are trying to do should be pretty straightforward, and there are a number of ways you can do it. For example, you could have a request field (linked to the Request data type) on the Offer data type, and you could save the associated request to that field when an offer is created. Another way you could go is to have an offers field (a list field linked to the Offer data type), and you could add the offers associated with a request to that field as the offers are created.

With either of the setups described above in place, it should be easy to show all of the offers associated with a particular request on a dashboard. Without being able to see your app, it’s hard to get more specific than that, but if you can share some screenshots, I’m sure someone can help you figure out what’s going on.


Hi @mikeloc many thanks for the suggestion on the saving of the data - a second question I have is now that I have saved the the List of offers to a request how do I display them to the original requests user?

I have tried implementing a repeating group and setting this as Current Page Request, selecting the offer but the data doesn’t display.

Relationships are as the below:

Request datatype linked to offer data type as a field with list of offers

Offer datatype linked to request with a request field.

Sorry to bombard with all the questions and I’m sure this is a simple fix but not sure where I’m going wrong.



If your page has its type of content set to Request and you are sending a request to the page, then showing the request’s offers in a repeating group should be as simple as setting the repeating group’s data source to Current Page Request's offers (where offers is whatever you called your list of offers field on the Request data type).

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