Database relation

I’m struggling to connect 2 data sets in Bubble.
I have three data sets: Crop, Market and Product_for_sale
I would like to show all product_for_sale when the user selects the market of their choice. But I’m not able to connect the data. Can someone recommend a source or someone that can explain the concept and how to fix it?
If you can help, I’ll be happy to share my project.
Thank you,

Hi there, @axel.schallies… one way you can go is to add a market field to the Product_for_sale data type, and link the market field to the Market data type. Then, when a new thing is created in the Product_for_sale data type, put the product’s associated market in the market field. With that field in place, it will be easy to show a user the products that are associated with a selected market.

Hope this helps.


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Hello @mikeloc

Thank you for your suggestion, I will try it in the following days.

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Hello @mikeloc ,
I did what you suggest but I’m getting this error message. I just want to add the crop name but the system wants more info. Not sure what to do. Any help will be appreciated!


Try removing crop_name from the expression and just set the field to the result of step 1.

still wants me to enter more details. It’s read… Do not understand why?

What is the field type of the market_product field? If that field is not associated with your market data type, then you need to delete the field and create a new one that is associated with that data type.

I think that’s the issue. Let me review the association with market.
Keep you posted