Database issue ( update data from one web app to other mobile app )

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I create 2 app in bubble.

1 – mobile app
2-- web app.

what I want is that when any one update information in web app , it automatically update in the mobile app. how can I add this. Is there any plugin or manually custom code to archive this. I attached the image

Don’t make two apps. Make one app with two versions for each page: mobile and Web (or use responsive design to make one version of each page). Then any changes to the DB from the mobile view will instantly change in the web view.

Bubble even has a setting to direct users to the mobile page from the corresponding web page (right click the page and select the mobile version).

If you insist on using two separate apps, you will have to use API workflows to connect the DBs of the two different apps, and in my opinion that would be unnecessarily complicated.

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