Shared database question

Hello. I am new to Bubble, but I’m already obsessed with the learning videos I have found… I have an idea for an app I want to build that will have both a web desktop version and a mobile app version.
I am wondering if anyone can share with me how to create one database that will share information across those multiple platforms? I am already using a free Bubble template and sometimes forget to eat food because I get so into building my app with Bubble… Anyway, thanks for any assistance.

  • Best Regards, Jay

@TheJay Great to see your excitement. It is true that Bubble opens up lots of opportunity for Creators.

Regarding your query - Are you referring to multiple apps sharing same database? or Same App with different version of pages (mobile/desktop) sharing database?

For different apps - there are Data APIs that you can leverage using API connectors to work with the shared data (as long as the privacy rules allow).

For same app and pages being different - you may already know that the data within the app is available across all pages without any extra effort.

Hope this helps.