Linking fields across data types within database


I’m having some trouble linking my database together and ensuring all the data in my database is up to date across the fields of the relevant data types.

This is my current data type set up:

  1. Workspace
  • ‘workspace name’
  • ‘workspace projects’
  • ‘workspace boards’
  1. Projects
  • ‘project title’
  • ‘project’s workspace’
  • ‘project’s boards’
  1. Boards
  • ‘board title’
  • ‘board’s project’
  • ‘board’s workspace’
  • ‘board’s tasks’
  1. Tasks
  • ‘task title’
  • ‘task’s boards’
  • ‘task’s workspace’

What I want:
When a user creates a new Workspace, Project, Board or Task, that it adds connects them all in the data types’ respective fields.
ie: So looking at a Task, board, project you can see what board, project and/or workspace it belongs to.

Full disclosure - I’m not sure if this is the most efficient way of the databases’ design, and I’ve only designed it this to to make sure I don’t neglect connecting any information.

In saying this, so far I have a workflow in place that takes the newly created Project and adds it to the Project database but also adds it to the Workspace data type. Unfortunately I can’t figure out a way to add the Project to the Workspace data type without the workflow creating a whole new entry in Workspaces.

I hope this is clear, but if anyone has any recommendations on how to better structure my database, or on how to add data to more than one data type’s field that would be very appreciated. Thanks!

Run the workflows to make changes to thing to make that happen.

Thanks for the response.

When I try to include the ‘Make changes to a thing’ and ‘Do a search for: Workspaces’ this is the incompatibility message I’ve been getting. Any idea what’s going wrong here?

You’re using a Make Changes to a thing action… which is only for making changes to a single thing…

But you’re defining a LIST of things to change.

The error message is telling you exactly this already. It’s also telling you exactly what you need to do to fix it (in fact, it’s even offering to do it for you).

So, if you’re intending to make changes to a single thing (Workspace) you need to define which Workspace you want to change (obviously).

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Ah okay I see now! Defining the specific Workspace by setting constraints was what I was missing. it is now working as expected!

Thanks @adamhholmes