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Database new fields trouble

Having trouble with data.

I have created new fields in my database today (tags, company_description) and uploaded new information. Although the data seems to have uploaded, it doesn’t show up in the app preview or live versions. While the older fields (name, linkedin) work just fine.

Public app link:

I have been maybe staring at this little too long: what am I missing?

Hey there,

I did a little inspecting and it looks like the cause of the issue is your Privacy settings. I went into the preview of your app and used the “Inspect” tool to find this out. Here is a screenshot if it helps:


Hi, Martin,

I have the same problem.
Created additional fields, yet they are not visible in Data>App Data view.


Thank you!

Hey there,

You created an extra field called EMAIL in the user table with an empty value. Then you referenced it in the privacy settings. against “[email protected]” thus that privacy rule does not apply!

What I suggest is that you reference the original “Email” field and then change the privacy setting to match the field. it should work fine then



Hi Ali,

I don’t have any privacy settings set, yet the problem persists…

@emmanuel ?

Thank you!

Like that we can’t say. if you think it’s a bug please file a bug report ( with a situation to reproduce the issue.