Live version doesn't show content of new fields recently added to the existing data type


I am working on a blogging platform, so I have data type “post”. I have recently added a couple of new fields to this data type. For some reason, live version doesn’t show content of these new fields.
In the development version there are no issues, but in live version I can see the new fields in database, add the content via editor, but they come up as empty in the live website.
I tried re-upload, logout/login again and upload to live again, but nothing works.

It is very puzzling, especially since I have no issues in dev version.
What do you usually do in this scenario? Shall I reach out to Bubble support?

Check your filters or privacy setups. This happens also when there are some conditions for the user to see the content, maybe your live acc doesn’t meet the criteria.

Grrrr, I always forget about privacy settings. Thank you so much!