Having a problem with bubble editor

I’m cloning Instagram, my data types data field is been setup correctly but some of my data not showing on the editor. Anyone can🆘 please

It’s a new feature: all data types are created with privacy settings already on.

To solve it, just go to Data - Privacy and delete all privacy settings.

I love 99% of the new features Bubble implements. But this definitely is not one of them.
It’s been extremely confusing for beginners, and a new entry barrier to learning Bubble.

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Yeah, so due to the new bubble update. You must have the “Make this data type private” checked. You need to go into “Privacy” and delete all the data rules for EVERYTHING. This is a common issue.

Future References:

Disable this:
Delete these:

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@renatoasse @leelandbrown thanks for your help it’s well appreciated. I will give it a try on it and see.

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