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Relational aspect of Bubble

I have few Datatype that are related to each other. 3 data types are as follows

  1. Product
  2. Survey
  3. Questions

Product HAS one Survey and Form HAS List of questions.

I have field in Product data type called Survey with type Survey
I have field Survey Data type called Product with type Product
I have field Survey data Type called Question with Type question (List)

Now when i add a new Survey and choose Product from drop down for which i am creating survey I can go back to Survey database and see the name of the Product i created that survey for. But I can when i go back to Product Data base, I cant see which survey is attached to it. Shouldn’t it attach automatically? Can you clarify.

I might be confused of relational aspect of the bubble database. For example In Airtable When i change in one table it automatically does change to all reference fields in other ables.

cc. @emmanuel

How are you setting the Survey field in the Product datatype?

From what you’ve described above it doesn’t sound as if you are…

No, it won’t attach automatically (why would it?) - if you want to link datatypes then you have to do it.

If you need to link 2 ways (and often there’s no need to, but sometimes it’s better to do so), generally you have to first create a ‘thing A’ and set it’s ‘Thing B’ field to the associated ‘Thing B’.

Then you have to make changes to the ‘Thing B’ and set the newly created ‘Thing A’ to that 'Thing B’s Thing A field.

So, in your case, when you create a new survey you select a Product to to link it to (from the Product dropdown) and set the appropriate field accordingly. Then you need to make changes to the Product (from the dropdown) and add the new Survey to the appropriate field (assuming it’s a list).

@adamhholmes Thanks for responding quickly, I am new and might be missing some basic concept for sure. Here are my Data types and Their fields

Meeting Board (Data type)

  • Name
  • Description
  • Product(List of products)

Product (Data Type)

  • Name - Text
  • Type - Text
  • Survey -Survey

Survey(data type)

  • Name (Text)
  • Description (Text)
  • Questions (List of Questions)
  • Product(Product)

Questions(Data Type)

  • Questions (Text)

Now i have build a repeating group a meeting board. When i click on a cell in repeating group(Single product) I want to load survey for that product with all its questions. How can i achieve this?

@adamhholmes I updated with the ideal scenerio i am trying to build in my app. It will be great if you can guide how do i achieve this.

You just need to use current cell's Product's Survey to load the survey for the particular product.

Then you can display that data in another group, a popup, or send it to another page, depending on what you want to do.

Then you can access that Survey’s list of questions.

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