Database search when adding items is wonky

Good evening bubblers,

I’ve got an interesting problem. I think its a bug, but it’s hard to reproduce and I wanted any insight before I submitted a report to bubble.

I’ve been working on a project for a client, and part of that project includes a database structure that has a thing (Answer). Answer has a text field (name) as well as a field (next questions) that is a list of another thing (Question). Question has a field that is text (name). Question also has a field (answers) that is an Answer List.

I’ve changed the “search field” for Question to be the question’s name so that I can populate the database more easily. When I go to an Answer and search for Questionss to add to the Answer’s next questions, it works most of the time. Occasionally, however, the question does not show up in the search. If you type the exact wording of the Question’s name, it doesn’t recognize it as a valid question. I’ve had the same issue when it comes to adding an Answer to a Question’s answers field. I’ve been unable to find a pattern, but here are two examples:

Answer name: “Other”
Question name: “What Technology Do You Need To Automate?”

In the case of the “Other” answer name above, changing the name to “Other Flavors” caused it to show up correctly.

Has anyone else encountered strangeness with the search?

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