Searchbox bug - any help appreciated?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone found a fix for/encountered the bug below?

I have a standard bubble searchbox element that searches my database so the user can have their entry autocompleted and submitted. The searchbox also allows items not in the database to be submitted.

However in some cases (appears to be random) when a user begins typing and clicks on the autocompleted dropdown, the addition to the database is the half completed word, as opposed to the autocompleted entry they submitted

For example taking database entries “Ford Kuga”, “Ford Ka”. A user would type “Ford K” and then the drop down would show both “Ford Kuga” and “Ford Ka”. If they clicked on “Ford Kuga” the workflow would then add “Ford K” to the datbase instead of “Ford Kuga” - I would say this happens rougly 1 in 5 times

Any help would be much appreciated


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