Database setup and exporting data

this is a 2 part question…

  1. is my current setup the best way to organise my databases
  2. if so how do i export the data?

My app is a database of movies and tv series, using a very similar design style to netflix. All the data originally lives in a master google sheet that looks similar to this example: (only showing a couple columns as there’s 50+), i have to then extract the data from the master sheet and upload to bubble. (i can’t link the google sheet to bubble for other reasons).

i set up the datatypes in bubble as one datatype for the series/film level and another for the episode level. This was so it’s easy to display all content and add various filtering options on certain pages. when you click into a title there’s a product page and in here if the title is a TV series i have an RG to display the episodes. it finds the relevant data via the references. i understand this is still fairly vague but is this the best way to manage this data?

The reason i ask is because this all works fine until i want to present the data as a spreadsheet (formatted like the master sheet above) for the admins to view. i managed to achieve this to a certain degree in a table, in the first row (repeating row) i have a text box to display the series level data, and below that in the same row i have a nested table for episodes set to not visible, the nested table appears if the current row is a TV Series.

The main problem is it’s difficult do anything with the dataview from this point, for example “download data as csv” asks for the datatype, i have 2 datatypes in the table. or say i want a tool for admins to view this data in this way and make changes if necessary, there’s 2 datatypes to deal with.

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