Database setup for differing types of listings

Hi all,

About to try out Bubble for the first time for a new website.
It’s a directory/listing site.

One of the main questions in running into while designing the database is how to deal with different kind/types of listings.

While some of the information about a listing will be the same for all. There is a wide variety of types of listings - all with their own specific data-fields and of course corresponding pages / templates for viewing.
For example: a listing of type ‘car’ would store/show different information (fields) than a listing type ‘houseplant’.

At the same time I would like to be able to show aggregated overviews of all listings (of mixed types).

How do you think I could best go about this from a database perspective?

  • Build one table, include a type (option-set) field and just add data-fields for each specific type - and just don’t use those with other types.
  • Build a join table that connect listings with their specific listing type with the actual data.
  • Another way?

Also, as I haven’t used Bubble before: is it easy to use different (sub)templates for showing the data depending on the listing type?

Thanks in advance!

Cheers, Steven