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Database structures (types and fields)


I have some knowledge of SQL databases and I know how I would do this using that. I would like to know what is the most efficient and easiest way to do this on bubble.


  • Table 1: I have a table with country, population and tax rate.
  • Table 2: I have a table with country, property-name and rent.

User selects country in form number 1 (Table 1) and on the next page I want to show all the properties and the corresponding rent for the property (Table 2) based on the country that the user has selected on the previous page.

One way I could do it is to send the country data from the first page to the second one. And then on the 2nd page make a repeating group with dynamic data where it shows property-name and rent if the value of country in table 1 = value of country in table 2.

That’s pretty much exactly how I would do it. Just make sure you send a parameter so that table 2 on page 2 knows what value the user is interested in from table 1 on page 1.

Another way is to set the 2nd page data type to “country” - this depends on you having a data type country - and sending the country as data when the page navigates (rather than a parameter). Then anything on that page references the country - you may be able to get more flexibility that way depending on your page structure and whatever other data you plan on displaying.

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@romanmg thanks!

So I did that and on the search results page, the text fields return without problems however for some reason the images don’t appear.

Can someone have a look here:

The types are locations & apartments.

Can you try re-uploading your images in the database? All but 1 look corrupted and all but 1 (Berlin - Big One) display. Your setup looks right.

Yeh I reuploaded images and it works. But when I use the previous 3 they still do not work. Weird.

Thanks for taking a look into it @romanmg !

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