Database Structuring

Hi Bubble Community,

Day 5 Bubble user here, and I have a few questions about database structuring. I am building an accounting dashboard where companies can upload data and visualize it on their dashboard. I wanted to reach out for some advice on how to structure the database(s), and also as a side note, (apologies for the adjacent forum topic), I wanted to see if it was possible to allow my users to import large amounts of data.

Questions 1: Should each user/company import their data into the same database or should I create a new database for each company. We are expecting each company to be able to import a new dataset every few months and it would be great to be able to visualize historic data.

Questions 2: If you have any suggestions about structuring the relational databases I would be very appreciative, still wrapping my head around how they connect to one another and the different types (data types, fields and options sets). Overall I believe it is relatively simple as I only have users and their data.

Question 3: Are there any privacy concerns I should be aware of? The data will be confidential; is Bubble a secure enough platform to host this type of app?

Question 4: Is there a way to allow users to import data? If you are familiar with the Hubspot data import, it would be fantastic to allow users to import data and show them an error count or even a similar way to visualize data errors as the current bubble data upload.


Hi @noah2, welcome to the community!
Question 1:
Generally, the structure goes like this: there is one database per application, in the database there are different datatypes (ex. Company or User) that are represented by records/entries/Things.
So in your case, you should probably have data type called Company, and then create seperate records for each company (ex. seperate record for Microsoft, Apple, Uber etc.)
Question 2:
Check out ex. this best practices document by AirDev
Question 3
Bubble is more secure than most custom-built web applications built by small teams.
That said, there are some essential things that you need to set up ex. privacy rules that make sure that your server doesn’t send data to a browser that the user is not supposed to see.
Here are some resources on that

Question 4
I’m not familiar with the Hubspot data import, but in Bubble, your users can import data ex. from CSV files.

Hope that helps!


Hi @alanpieczonka,

Thanks so much for the detailed answer!! A huge help and can’t wait to continue working with bubble and the community.