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Hello everyone,

I’ve got an issue on my bubble app and I need your support.

I have listed some data ( name, icons etc) and I display these icons on my page thanks to a repeating group. Each of these data have a given page according to their name.

I want my user to be able to click on these icons and being reoriented on the page associated. What I want to do here is to link the additional page with the name given in the data list.

Another subject : Can we link two data set ? For example, my user have use some services on my platform and I want to extract the services’ informations (contained in another data list) and link these automatically in my current user.

Many thanks !

Please, share the link to your project, the solution is depends on how your data is structured.

Hey :smiley:,

Thanks for answering me! I am still using bubble with free plan! So, I am not sure i can share it!

But let me explain you my trouble :upside_down_face: :

I have a data type call STORY_SLIDER (like Instagram SLIDER),where each brand got a different story, it is composed of:

  • Name of the brand (text)
  • Icon of the brand (Image)
  • Story Seen (yes/no)
  • Story Visuals (Image)
  • Brand page

I have already developed the story slider with a repeating group for different brand name. But now what I would like to do, is when the user click on the icon A of the brand A, it would:

  1. open a pop up with the specific Story A (Story Visuals) from the brand A
  2. And, open the page A (that i would had already create) from the brand A, by clicking on the pop up story A on the icon A from the brand A.

It’s literally the exact same concept of Instagram story!

Thank you so much for you help,

Okay, I will show you my example.

1)You should create database thing, in my Example “Brands”

In it, you should create fields that you want to show in repeating group and brand page. In my example:
Brand name(text)
Brand icon (image)
Brand Story(text)
Brand Story Visual( image)

Here it is:

Learnye | Bubble Editor -editor

  1. You should create a repeating group that shows every brand that you have in the database

I believe you did that

Then create a popup

You should create a workflow: when you click on image of brand(or text or visual) → Show popup ->Displat data in the popup

Screenshot_2020-04-14 Bubble Editor - Learnye(1)

3)Make sure you popup has right settings

Type of content: Brands
Data source Current Page Brands

Add every field that you want in the popup.

In my example it’s : Name, Story text, and Story visual.

Add button Go on a page → create a workflow for it → with data to send parent’s group Brands
Screenshot_2020-04-14 Bubble Editor - Learnye(2)

  1. Create a page for additional information. Mine called Brand Page

Type of content: Brands

And add fields that you want, in my example it’s name, story text, brand visual.

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Hey Sat miha,

Thank you so much for you helps, I followed your advices and now it is working perfectly !!


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