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Repeating Group links to a new page

The site basically lists all details relating to your car insurance. Initially, I had set it up so that a user would only have one car in their list and so had set up a page (view_car_insurance_group) and it works fine (except for the formatting but that’s for another day!).

I’ve now want to have the ability for a user to have more than one cars. So I have set up a page with a repeating group which lists them (view_car_ins_list). I want the list to be buttons (or links) with the name of the cars (the thing being “your_car”) which when clicked on goes to the “view_car_insurance_group” page but for the car that is clicked on on the previous page (at the moment it is set up to just go to the first car on the list).

I can’t figure out how to do this. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Hey, this might help you :slight_smile:

First, add your repeating group with the elements needed in the basic cell (ex: one text element, and a button element)

Then add a workflow triggered on a “GoTo button click”, which will redirect to your page “view_car_insurance_group” (note: mine is called “car” actually)

On the “go to page action” add some data to send. It shall be the current cell element (thus “Current cell’s car” in my example)

In order to be able to send data to a page, though, you need to link a content type to that page. I assume you already did so, but I’ll show you my example page “car” anyway.

To sum up : everytime you’ll clik on a button in the repeating group, you’ll be redirected to the page “car” populated with the current cell data “car”.

Hope this answers your question.

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Thanks for this - I have follwed exactly as you have said but it still doesn’t work.

Could this be because in my results page (where all the details come up), the data source is currently set as follows where it chooses “firstitem”.:

Hey @pokerboffin,

Yes, the group’s data source is likely what’s causing you problems. If you’ve followed @arthur.kieffer’s advice, you should be almost there. Assuming that each “Car” has a “Car Insurance” field that is of the type car insurance, you’ll want the data source of this group to be “Current page Car’s Car Insurance”.

Hope this helps!


In the end I just had to change the data source to “Current Page Car Insurance”

Not sure why it works but it does!!

Thanks to both of you!

I have a single page app on Bubble. Is there any way to accomplish this without navigating to a new page?

Absolutely. Instead of navigating to a new page, you can show a popup or a hidden group. Just set the Data Type of the popup/group to be what you want to display, then use the workflow “display data…” to send your current cells data to that group.


Thanks so much for the reply! It works perfectly!

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Thank you!