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Like Twitter and other apps, I want to display on the profile page the date a user joins my app - date joined. This is easy but just can’t figure this out.



Hi there, @scaffeoa… can’t you just display the created date associated with the user’s thing in the User data type (i.e., Current User's Creation Date)?


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As @mikeloc points out, to display the date a User joined your app just reference a date field on the User datatype…

However, depending on how accurate you want to be with that, the built in ‘created date’ might not be the best field to use, as that date is set the moment the User data is created, meaning when the User first lands on a page on your app, not when they sign up as a registered user, which could be anything up to 3 days later.

When an unregistered User lands on your app, a temporary User is created and stored for 3 days.

So if a User lands on your app today, their created date will be the time they first visited your app.

But they might not sign up as a User until 2 days later, in which case displaying their created date will be incorrect by two days.

If that’s not an issue for you then just use that.

Otherwise just add a custom date field for ‘joined_date’ and set it to the current date/time in the same workflow you use to sign them up.

In any case, to display the date just refer to the Profile User’s Date field.


that worked @mikeloc

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Hey Adam…thanks man!

The creation date worked…I created a field with the date but that did not work.

@mikeloc @adamhholmes you guys are both amazing thank you!


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