How to display "+23 new users this month"

How can I go about displaying data like how many users has signed up this month? Do I need any new data fields or can I use created date and count?

Can’t seem to find any info :frowning:

You could use ‘created date’ for this…

Just search for User’s who’s created date is later than the start of the current month…

But note: ‘created date’ is NOT the same as the date a User signed up to your app (rather it’s the date that the User was created in the database, which could be up to 3 days before they signed up), so it won’t be completely accurate.

If you need to know when a User signed up to your app you’ll have to have a separate User field to store that date.

Also, be aware, that any privacy rules applied to the User datatype (that prevent it being found in searches) will affect the count - only Users that the current User has permission to ‘find in searches’ will be counted, so bear that in mind.

Another option is to create a datatype for this, with a field of Monthly User count, and update it every time a new User signs up to your app, and reset it each month.


I tend to just do a current date +days -30 as the ‘month’ in these if it just for general stats.

Saves messing with months.

Also means you can save -7 -30 and -365 as an option set and use them to drive a last week/month/year drop-down.


Hmm intresting

Hmm interesting idea! Might look into that! How do I reset it after 30 days?

Do you do that as a condition or how do you go about doing that?

Just run a backend workflow to reset the value at the start of each month.


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This is the most i could follow haha, whats the next?

What’s this part?

It is an option set.